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B2W portfolio comprises the following brands: Americanas.com, Submarino, Shoptime, SouBarato, and Submarino Finance, which offer a wide assortment of products and services divided into over 40 categories, through various distribution channels – the Internet, telesales, catalogs, TV and kiosks. B2W also outsources e-commerce services to leading companies in the B2B2C industry (business to business to consumer).






Since 1999, Americanas.com is the biggest and most comple online store in Latin America. The brand, elected by the customers as the number 1 in customer service, offer more than one million products, which can be purchased through the website, telesales or in the more than 900 kiosks installed inside brick and mortar Lojas Americanas stores, as well as products from other stores available through the Marketplace. Additionally, its delivery services, travel services, mobile app and B2B, among other services, contribute to a purchase experience that is unique and ever more complete.



Submarino offers the latest in technology, entertainment, culture and innovation to its customers, through the internet, telesales, mobile and catalogues. The broad assortment of products is divided into 30 categories, such as electronics, computers, telephony, games, books, fashion, DVDs and online services, among others. Submarino also has the exclusive coolstuff area, where the trendiest and most innovative products can be found, as well as the wearable tech area, where the most modern Internet-connected devices can found. Additionally, Submarino has been consolidating in other services, such as the Submarino Card and in B2B services. 



Shoptime is Brazil’s first home shopping (television sales) and operates through internet, telesales and catalogues. The brand is focused in integrate the diferent sales channels with objective to offer to the clients the best purchase experience. Shoptime assortment is main composed by products for home, with its four private label brands: ­Casa & Conforto, Fun Kitchen, La Cuisine and Life Zone.




O SouBarato is B2W Digital1s outlet, that offer a big variety of roducts of the best brands, with promotional prices, below the market avarage. The website sells new and repacked products, in perfect condition, with discounts from to 70%. SouBarato was launched in 2011 and presents a wide and varied assortment, with more than 20 categories, like smartphones and cellphones, IT items, TVs, eletronics, among others.


Submarino Finance


With an aim towards becoming the best means of payment for Submarino, evolving the customer shopping experience, and promoting sales growth, Submarino Finance was created in 2006 through a joint venture with Banco Cetelem.

A pioneer in providing online credit approvals, in just a few years’ time, the Submarino card has secured a significant share of site sales, high customer base activation rates, and elevated profitability on accounts receivable.

In 2014, B2W expanded its operations by also creating Digital Finance, which began offering cards and financial products to Americanas.com, Shoptime, and Sou Barato customers.

Via a 100% digital application and approval process, B2W cards offer customers exclusive discounts, the best installment payment options, loyalty programs, higher credit limits for site purchases, and personal loans. Among the advantages for B2W are lower cost of commission (MDR), greater customer loyalty (purchase frequency 2.2 times higher), and 20% higher average tickets.

The volume of transactions approved by Submarino Finance credit card operations (Submarino card) and Digital Finance (Americanas.com, Shoptime, and Sou Barato cards) reached R$ 3.3 billion in 2017, an 17% growth compared to 2016. At the close of 2017, operations had a base of 2.6 million cards issued – 1.7 million in Submarino Finance and 949,000 in Digital Finance.