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  • 1999

    Creation of Americanas.com and Submarino

  • 2005

    April - Submarino goes public (IPO)
    - Shoptime Acquisition**
    - Ingresso.com Aquisition

  • 2006

    March - Creation of Submarino Finance
    - Submarino's Follow-on
    - Creation of Submarino Viagens
    - Merger of Americanas.com and Submarino, resulting in the creation of B2W

  • 2007

    March - Incorporation of B2W with TV Sky Shop
    July - Acquisition of the license to use BLOCKBUSTER® trademark online in Brazil
    August - Expansion of the travel business to all 3 brands with the creation of B2W Viagens

  • 2008

    March - Launch of BLOCKBUSTER® online's website
    September - Inauguration of the new B2W's Distribution Center

  • 2009

    November - International expansion of  Ingresso.com to Mexico

  • 2010

    March - International expansion of Ingresso.com to Argentina
    September - International expansion of Ingresso.com to Chile 

  • 2011

    June - Capital increase in the amount of 1 billion
    November - Launch of the SouBarato website
    November - Inauguration of B2W Distribution Center in Recife

  • 2012

    August - Announcement of the US$ 1 billion Investment Plan for the next three years
    October - Inauguration of 4 new DCs (RJ, SP, MG and PE)

  • 2013

    April- Acquisition of Click Rodo and Uniconsult
    July- Launch of the fashion category
    October- Acquisition of Tarkena and Ideais
    October- Launch of the Marketplace

  • 2014

    January - Capital increase in the amount of R$ 2,38 billion
    February - Launch of the [B]Seller platform
    June - Acquisition of Direct
    October- Inauguration of 3 new DCs and expansion of 1 DC
    November - Launch of Digital Finance

  • 2015

    March - Launch of B2W Fulfillment
    May - Acquisition of e-smart
    July - Acquisition of Sieve Group
    October- Inauguration of 2 new DCs
    November - Launch of the SouBarato credit card
    December - Launch of Submarino Prime

  • 2016

    March - Acquisition of Boo Labs, start-up of artificial intelligence
    May - Approval of capital increase of R$ 823 Million
    June - Launch of B2W Ads
    October- Operational agreement with Vialog

  • 2017

    March - Capital increase of R$ 1.2 Billion
    June - Opening of the Shoptime TV channel for the Marketplace
    June - Launch of B2W Empresas (B2B)
    October- Launch of Americanas Prime
    December - Launch of C2C

  • 2018


    April - Soft Launch of AME Digital

    May - Addition of BTOW3 in the Ibovespa Index

    August - Launch of Crédito Seller

    September - Ame becomes accepted in all B2W websites

    October - Ame starts being accepted in Lojas Americanas stores

  • 2019

    March - Launch of Americanas Mundo

    July – Launch of the crowdshipping app VOE

    July – Definition of Ame's ownership structure       

    August - Announcement of R$ 2.5 Billion capital raise 

    September - Ame announces its partnerships with Linx and Mastercard 

    October - Ame announces its partnership with VTEX

    December - Investor Day.19 event

    December - Ame announces its partnerships with Stone, Cielo and Banco do Brasil


  • 2020

    January - B2W receives the certification "Great Place to Work 2020"

    January - Acquisition of Supermercado Now

    April - Ame announces partnership with BR Distribuidora

    May - B2W announces partnership with BR Distribuidora

    May - Partnership between Supermercado Now and "Grupo Big"

Shoptime was created in 1995 as a TV channel and launched its website in 1999, becoming the 3rd e-commerce player in Brazil.