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Strategy and Competitive Advantages

Best Digital Team in Brazil
Best Digital Team in Brazil

The company has the most successful digital team in Brazil with a strong program in recruitment and selection. Career opportunities are linked to a system of meritocracy and the commitment of its Associates with the long term vision of the Company. Aiming to withstand the challenges of growth, the company counts on programs of training and qualification of people. The emphasis in internal development and in the training of associates goes to meet the setting of increasingly challenging goals.

Logistics and Technological platform
Logistics and Technological platform

Along the past few years, we worked hard and invested many resources in the integration of our business platforms and in the creation of a solid operational infrastructure, which allows the Company to operate through a structure that is multi-channel, multi-brand and multi-businesses, aiming to meet all customer needs in a simple, fast and effective way.

Low Operational Costs
Low Operational Costs

Our business model allows us to obtain cost advantages compared to traditional retailers as it serves a customer base spread throughout the country and which uses technology in an intensive matter. Furthermore, the operations are guided by a corporate culture focused on strict cost controls. The largest sources of operating expenses are personnel, rent, technology and logistics.

Great Variety of Products

The Company, through its websites Americanas.com, Submarino, Shoptime and SouBarato offers its customers a vast range of products, consisting of approximately 700,000 items in over 40 categories, such as CD, DVD, books, games, computer, bed, bath & beauty, camera & photo, housewares, furniture, phone & mobile, automotive products, electronics, toys, watches, perfumes, home appliances, musical instruments, office products and much more. The Company also offers, through its subsidiaries, services such as private label credit cards, as well as a full suite of IT and logistics solutions to help support Marketplace sellers and the online stores of large brands, through [B]Seller and B2W Fulfillment.

Administrative Model

The company has a differentiated management culture, focused in maximizing results. The philosophy is based on strong budgetary control, financial discipline, goal setting and technological upgrading.

Quality of Services

The Company works to ensure the best shopping experience for the client, through a fast and effective delivery, a simple purchasing process and a good customer service.

The logistics system allows for carrying out deliveries on the same day of purchase for certain products and locations and it also allows the client to follow all stages of the delivery process, from the confirmation of the purchase to the receipt of the merchandise.

Experienced Management with Strategic Vision

The organization consists of professionals with extensive experience in the digital market, pioneers of e-commerce in Brazil and privileged strategic vision of the market.